1. Title: ForToo (Forensics Tools Against Illegal Use of the Internet)
    Duration: Three Years
    Funding Agency: European Union, DG for Home Affairs
    Budget: 750,000 Euros (AEGIS: 122,000 Euros)

    The project aims to develop digital forensics tools that will identify, analyze and visualize illegal activities on the Internet. The objectives of this project are: (a) to design and prototype a toolkit that will detect illegal activities both proactively and after-the-fact, (b) to identify the source and perpetrators of the illegal activities, both in terms of virtual/network and, as much as possible, physical location, (c) to profile the expertise and motive of the attackers, (d) to present the relevant information in a way that will be usable by investigating authorities, and (e) to maximize the impact of the project through aggressive and effective dissemination of the project's results.

  2. AEGIS developed all software for the support of the EU project SOILPRO (Monitoring for Soil Protection) as subcontractor of the University of Athens, Department of Geology and Geoenvironment. The project lasted for more than two years and produced a 10000 loc software package that allowed the visual presentation of data related to soil erosion.
  3. AEGIS Research participated in the 2010 Panoptes (all-seeing) Greek National Cyber-Defense Exercise organized by the Hellenic National Defense General Staff.
  4. AEGIS Research is providing technical assistance in an effort to determine the strength of the electronic defenses of a major Greek financial institution.