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Welcome to the site of AEGIS, a research center based in the UK and offices in Athens, Greece and, shortly in Germany. Its main aims include the creation of a stress-free environment where innovative research can be carried out.

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The ForToo project aims to develop digital forensics tools that will identify, analyze and visualize illegal activities on the Internet. The objectives of this project are: (a) to design and prototype a toolkit that will detect illegal activities both proactively and after-the-fact, (b) to identify the source and perpetrators of the illegal activities, both in terms of virtual/network and, as much as possible, physical location, (c) to profile the expertise and motive of the attackers, (d) to present the relevant information in a way that will be usable by investigating authorities, and (e) to maximize the impact of the project through aggressive and effective dissemination of the project's results...

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